Old Dutch Wood is designing and producing sustainable products from reclaimed centuries old french oak, pine and chestnut sourced from the south of Europe.

Fair wood

Especially in the South of France and Spain the conditions are optimal for naturally dried wood with a rustique strucure and wonderful patina.

The wood is thoroughly  selected, colour by colour and structure by structure.  We make a distinction between wood from the rough but very beautiful upperside, the underside and the mid section.

Per project the wished structures and patina are defined and the production is tuned to meet these wishes.

Te reclaimed wood is cleaned from dust and dirt first before it can be used in production.

There is hardly  waist in the production process, depending the sizes of the beams and planks we produce massive or engineered 2 layer parquet , unique parquet tiles, panelling, ceiling, furniture, steps or kitchens .

Please feel free to contact us or to pay us a visit in our showroom in The Netherlands!

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